One Week Till Launch

wgwglaunch420x595Don’t forget, we’re having our first book launch party on Thursday, 28 May at 8 PM in the Willesden Green Library Centre. Join us for readings, refreshments and music. Meet the writers, get a copy of the book, and find out more about the storied Willseden Green Writers Group.

Something bittersweet from WGWG author Lane Ashfeldt

Lane Ashfeldt’s story ‘Califormia Über Alles’ is up at US literary site Identity Theory. The piece is an extract from a longer work – part fiction, part travel writing, part memoir – based on events at a squatted Schokoladenfabrik in the 1980s. The old chocolate factory in which it is set now has a new lease of life as Cologne’s popular Museum of Chocolate. The full story is published in Punk Fiction (Portico, 2009).
<h3 style="text-align: center;" California Über Alles
by Lane Ashfeldt

“After this, you will leave the chocolate factory for a job on the Kölner-Düsseldorfer Linie bringing American tourists to see castles along the banks of the Rhine.

From the porthole of the cramped cabin you share with another teenage girl, Üte, you will witness the concrete globes and funnels of the nuclear power stations that are also parked along the river€™s edge. Against your wishes you will stare at them, held by their mesmeric simplicity. More majestic, more awe-inspiring than the castles, as if they€™ve always been here and always will be. Machine smooth, untouchable by ‘Atomkraft nein danke’ protests, untouchable by humans, untouchable by time. You will feel a chill as their shadows hang over the boat.

When, after a week of traveling up and downriver, you are berthed in Köln for the night, you will rush off to the chocolate factory, where you will find the blond boy fighting with another punk… ”

Continued at Identity Theory

WgWg Author is the People’s Choice

At the recent Spread the Word Novel Pitch Competition, anthology author Jarred McGinnis was voted the “People’s Choice” for his recently completed novel, Pissing on Dolphins, an unusual coming of age story about a fatherless son growing up in Florida, USA €“ think Catcher in the Rye meets Geek Love.

Over 180 aspiring novelists, from all over the United Kingdom, submitted a short synopsis and a 2000-word extract. McGinnis and five others were short listed as finalists for the 25th of April event.

At the finale, a panel, including Juliette Mitchell from Penguin Books, Ellah Allfrey from Random House, Peter Straus from the Rogers, Coleridge and White Agency, Nii Ayikwei Parkes from Flipped Eye Publishing and Caroline McCarthy from the Literary Consultancy, critiqued each finalist’s excerpt and novel pitch. Professional Actors did a reading of the excerpts while the novelists read their pitch.

McGinnis came a close second to the panel prize and bagged the Audience€™s Choice Award. The panellist Juliette Mitchell praised his performance on the Penguin UK website: €œWell done to Jarred McGinnis, the audience’s thoroughly deserving champion.”

The award includes a fountain pen, a leather-bound writing journal and a professional reading of his novel by the Literary Consultancy.
Read more about his novel here.